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Carolyn Scott

Carolyn Scott Hamilton ~ Vegan Chef and Holistic Nutrition Expert

  • Learn the secrets of success and the power of accomplishment
  • Discover how selfless selfishness can really be ~ learn to put yourself first
  • Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, silence the doubting voices and breakthrough to extreme self appreciation and life satisfaction!
  • Find out how quickly and easily healthy eating and thinking can transform your life!

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Abriola abrams Love, Relationship and Dating Expert

  • Learn her 4 top tips on how to Love Yourself!
  • Discover how limiting beliefs are holding you back from being the woman you are meant to be!
  • Learn how to shift the energy in your life to attract love, happiness, wealth and the body you desire

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Norah Marler Pic

Norah Marler ~ Love, Dating and Relationship Expert

  • Learn how to quickly recognize a time wasting PIG and what to do when you meet one!
  • Discover how to create the confidence to walk away from the charming bad boys and settle only for the best!
  • Learn the secrets to what YOU have to do to attract your soulmate.
  • Learn how to have the relationship others WISH they had once you find your lifemate!

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Natalie jill

Natalie Jill ~ Health, Fitness and Self Empowerment Expert

  • Find out how you can get a killer body in just 30 minutes a day!
  • Discover the best foods to eat to trim the fat!
  • Learn the secret you can apply TODAY that will amp up your energy and change your life forever!

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 Michelle L. Casto ~ Clarity, Destiny and Success Expert

  • Learn the 6 stages to identifying your life purpose and living it!
  • Discover how to transform fear and doubt into courage and success!
  • Learn why feeling uncomfortable is the key to freedom and happiness
  • Learn exactly what to do to break through emotional paralysis!

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alexandra watson 001 (2)

Alexandra Watson ~ Happiness Expert

  • How to think in order to be ultimately Happy and Confident
  • The true secrets to inner and outer beauty
  • How to take transform self doubt into self belief

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Sarah Ruhlman ~ Fashion and Beauty Expert

  • Learn how to choose the right makeup for you and create your best look!
  • Discover your personal style and learn to dress for your body type!
  • Learn how to feed your inner beauty so your outer beauty radiates!

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Jennifer Kries

Jennifer Kries ~ Mind-Body-Spirit Expert, Pilates Pioneer, Author & Speaker

  • Learn how to know your body, create long, lean limbs and easily drop weight!
  • Discover how this form of fitness can heal you of hurt, anger and resentment.
  • Learn the secret to eating better, feeling amazing and sleeping like a baby.

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Andrea Waltz - Headshot

Andrea Waltz ~ Success Expert

  • Learn the Go for the No philosophy mindset
  • Discover how increasing your comfort with rejection can catapult your confidence in all areas of your life
  • Learn the secrets to boosting the success of your business and life overnight!

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Cortney Neill ~ Health, Beauty and Life Transformation Expert

  • Learn how to transform from feeling down and depressed to vibrant, fit and energetic!
  • Discover the top secrets to feeling beautiful, healthy, accomplished and happy!
  • How you can eliminate unwanted things and people and fill your life with energy, prosperity, and joy.

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Shannon Ethridge

Shannon Ethridge ~ Sexual Health and Trauma Expert

  • Heal your relationships and emotional pain from past traumas to enhance your sexual
    confidence and enjoyment!
  • Discover exactly what to do to self heal and breakthrough your sexual barriers.
  • Learn how to remove your negative thoughts and fears about sex and intimacy.

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Vicki Irvin ~ Speaker, Author and Success Expert

  • The step by steps to understanding your blocks and how to break through to massive self empowerment
  • Discover the signs of low-self esteem and learn how to instantly shift into certainty and  a strong inner confidence
  • Discover what the mentality of a super woman is and how to become one yourself

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Cecily MacArthur ~  Dream Life Coach, Transformation Specialist and Spiritual Weight Loss Expert

  • Learn the secrets to visually and spiritually transform your life to one you love!
  • Discover the steps to move from unhealthy and unhappy to fit, energetic and passionate!
  • Learn to breakthrough resistance and become fearless!

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Wendy Starland ~ Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer and Feminine Confidence Expert

  • Learn to turn weakness into strength
  • Discover how to have Rockstar confidence from the guru herself
  • Learn what it takes to become the inspiration you were meant to be

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Patty Rappa

Patty Rappa ~ Business and Success Expert

  • Discover the secrets behind the Power of the Ask!
  • Learn how to recognize what is holding you back from achieving your ultimate goals.
  • Be inspired to set your life standards HIGHER and discover how to find the courage to reach them.

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GSW_Lisa (6)Lisa Lieberman Wang ~ Emotional Eating and Self Empowerment Expert, Bestselling Author and Speaker

  • Learn how to recognize the reason you emotionally eat and carry excess weight and how to change it
  • Discover how to love yourself more and transform your life to a happy and energetic one!
  • Learn the keys to becoming FAB (Fabulous, Awesome, Beautiful) When right now you just feel “Fine”

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Cari Murphy ~ Soul Success Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Award Winning Host

  • Learn Energetic and Practical tools for Experiencing Inner Worth and Outer Wealth!
  • Gain Essential Keys for Developing an Irresistibly Magnetic Presence
  • Establish New Empowering Patterns for Mastering your Mindset
  • Claim your role as a Conscious Creator and finally Unleash Your Innate
    Brilliance and Potential!

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Diana Stobo ~ Raw Food Nutrition Expert

  • Find your goddess within through nurturing yourself with healthy foods and love
  • Discover why you need to, and exactly how to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK
  • Learn how Diana lost over 100 lbs and her secrets to how you can lose the weight too!

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orange headshot smAlexandra Jamieson ~ Holistic Nutrition Coach, Chef and “Cravings Whisperer”

  • Learn the keys to controlling your moods through food
  • Discover the top five items to keep in your fridge for ultimate health, energy and simplicity
  • Find out the mantra to skyrocket your self esteem and self worth and transform your thoughts

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me with pink backgroundMal Duane~ Self Empowerment Expert, Author and Life Coach

  • Find out how to recognize what self sabotaging thing is controlling you and how to take back your life!
  • Learn her 5 easy steps for turning your Pain into Power
  • Discover how to become an empowered Alpha Chick and what an Alpha Chick really stands for!

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Kenya K Stevens

Kenya K Stevens ~ Sexual Confidence Expert

  • Learn how to connect with your feminine sensual confidence
  • Discover the secrets to feeling more confident with your body and with your partner while intimate
  • Learn the keys to breaking through your sexual blocks and connecting deeply with your partner

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Rhonda Britten ~ Best Selling Author and Fear Expert

  • Learn the 5 steps to becoming fearless
  • Discover what exactly fear is is why you feel it
  • Learn the most powerful daily mantra that will change your life, forever!
  • Discover the KEY characteristics and thoughts of a woman that has achieved ultimate

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Shann High Res Headshot

Shann Vander Leek ~ Transformation Goddess, Author & Transition Expert

  • Learn how to live your truth, rock your passion and revel in your true calling
  • Discover how to explore more ways to invite authenticity, success and joyful balance to your life
  • Learn how to follow your passion without being chained to someone else’s dream

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bevgarbBeverlee GarbEmotional Maturity Expert for Personal & Professional Growth

  • Learn how to master the FIT vs. FAT mindset
  • Learn, through tough love, how too much forgiveness can sabotage your desired life goals – and how the RESULTS of your current life define the condition of your thoughts.
  • Die Fat or Get Tough – learn the theory behind this lifestyle and how to increase your confidence and wealth through strengthening your mental toughness.

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Kim flippedKimberly JonesAwakening Mentor and Modern Mystic and an Expert in Empowering Awakening Women

  • Discover the tools to nurture your Authentic Feminine Confidence
  • Learn to turn your MESS into your MAGIC
  • Experience a special guided meditation that will help you define your purpose and attract peace and clarity

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