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Here are your Confidence Experts!

Carolyn Scott

Carolyn Scott Hamilton ~ Vegan Chef and Holistic Nutrition Expert




Abriola abramsAbiola Abrams ~ Love, Relationship and Dating Expert




Norah Marler Pic

Norah Marler ~ Love, Dating and Relationship Expert






Natalie jill

Natalie Jill ~ Health, Fitness and Self Empowerment Expert





Michelle L. Casto ~ Clarity, Destiny and Success Expert




alexandra watson 001 (2)

Alexandra Watson ~ Happiness Expert





Sarah Ruhlman ~ Fashion and Beauty Expert




Jennifer Kries

Jennifer Kries ~ Mind-Body-Spirit Expert, Pilates Pioneer, Author & Speaker




Andrea Waltz - Headshot

Andrea Waltz ~ Success Expert





Cortney Neill ~ Health, Beauty and Life Transformation Expert




Shannon Ethridge

Shannon Ethridge ~ Sexual Health and Trauma Expert





Vicki Irvin ~ Speaker, Author and Success Expert





Cecily MacArthur ~  Dream Life Coach, Transformation Specialist and Spiritual Weight Loss Expert




Wendy Starland ~ Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer and Feminine Confidence Expert



Patty Rappa

Patty Rappa ~ Business and Success Expert



GSW_Lisa (6)Lisa Lieberman Wang ~ Emotional Eating and Self Empowerment Expert, Bestselling Author and Speaker




Cari Murphy ~ Soul Success Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Award Winning Host




Diana Stobo ~ Raw Food Nutrition Expert



orange headshot smAlexandra Jamieson ~ Holistic Nutrition Coach, Chef and “Cravings Whisperer”




me with pink backgroundMal Duane~ Self Empowerment Expert, Author and Life Coach




Kenya K Stevens

Kenya K Stevens ~ Sexual Confidence Expert





Rhonda Britten ~ Best Selling Author and Fear Expert




Shann High Res Headshot

Shann Vander Leek ~ Transformation Goddess, Author & Transition Expert



bevgarbBeverlee GarbEmotional Maturity Expert for Personal & Professional Growth




Kim flippedKimberly JonesAwakening Mentor and Modern Mystic and an Expert in Empowering Awakening Women